8-minute Arm Workout For This Weekend by Ryan Faehnle


Check out this sample workout from my new Fat Loss Activation program for both men and women.

I did this today; arms were pumped and feeling great in 8 minutes total.

The only equipment needed for the entire program is DBs, bands and a bench. The key is to do the activation exercises first, and you're already primed and pumped, ready to go, so you only need one set of each exercise after that.

It's split up into 5-workouts a week by body part, but like I said, I finished today's workout in just 8 minutes and my arms feel great.

I have attached below the workout sheet for you to try this weekend.

Have fun!


P.S. You can get the entire workout on sale this weekend for less than $15 HERE.

Note: Fat Loss Activation was created by Ryan Faehnle, CSCS, FMS, Leading Fat Loss Specialist (Hormonal Fat Loss Advisor, CriticalBench.com), World-renowned Strength & Conditioning Coach And Professional Trainer (who has coached Super Bowl Champions & Olympians).

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