Shopify - Did you know ...

Did you know that ...

Fact #1
  • Shopify is an eCommerce software, online store builder, and a website store hosting solution.

Fact #2
  • Shopify is a powerful ecommerce website solution that allows you to sell online by providing everything you need to create an online store.

Fact #3
  • Shopify is available in six other languages besides English, viz-a-viz Arabic, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, making it accessible to more people around the world. Click here to choose your preferred language for accessing Shopify (just scroll down to the very bottom right-hand corner of the page and click on the 'world' icon).

But, did you know that ...

Fact #4
  • The very first Shopify store was ... their very own store, selling snow board equipment. The online store was set up by a team of five dedicated individuals, working out of a local coffee shop, selling to dedicated enthusiasts. Click here to read more of their story (just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'About').

So, if you are currently looking for an online platform to sell your wares, Shopify wants you to seriously consider using their multi-lingual, easy-to-setup-and-use platform ...

Because the best thing you should know is that ...

Fact #5
  • Shopify will let you have a ‘Free 14 Day Trial’ to begin with. Click here to take advantage of this; play around with it, and grow to love it, as did the other 377,500 Shopify store owners (Fact #6, at last count).

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