How To Remove Tattoos At Home Naturally Without Laser by Dorian Davis

How To Remove Tattoos At Home Naturally Without Laser

by Dorian Davis, Tattoo Artist, Tattoo Removal Expert & Author Of 'The Laserless Tattoo Removal Guide™'

"Why, oh why did I stamp my exes name across my chest? If only I could take that back! Now I'm looking at a couple thousand dollars for a laser removal"

Not so fast!

Right now you've probably only heard about laser tattoo removal; after all it's the only thing expensive enough to really get ads on your local television station, but tell me, honestly, how much research have you done online?

  • Did you know that deep exfoliation methods can bring subdermal ink to the surface?
  • Did you know that your body's lymph system can flush out ink pigment currently hiding between your ‘subcutaneous’ skin cell layers?

If this sounds like fantasy, just take a look at this picture for yourself.

Like the client above, you too can eliminate unwanted tattoos using nothing more than household ingredients and that extra bit of know-how from my laserless tattoo removal guide.

Yes, it's possible to
  • remove unwanted tattoos and put past memories where they should be - in the past,
  • fade tattoos in little as a few weeks without the pain and expense of laser tattoo removal,
without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars over months or years of laser sessions.

If these techniques sound new to you, you should know that many of them are as old as tattoos themselves. After all, our ancestors from 2,000 years ago didn't want to mark their bodies forever. So, as they came up with the ink, they came up with the removal methods as well. The modern ingredients we find at the grocery store are both safe and highly effective for helping flush out unwanted skin ink.

For the full story on laserless tattoo removal, see my page here which talks all about the process and my laserless tattoo removal guide. It's time to put that unwanted tattoo behind you, and move on with your life.

Wishing you the best in your upcoming removal,
Dorian Davis

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