'Dyslexia' - A Pernicious Myth Exploded by Peter Hitchens


The following are excerpts of two posts written by Journalist and Author Peter Hitchens, published on his Peter Hitchens Blog, which can be found on the UK's Daily Mail's website MailOnline.

Dyslexia is not a disease. It is an excuse for bad teachers.

by Peter Hitchens

I DOUBT there has ever been a society so easily fooled by pseudo-science and quackery as ours is. Millions of healthy people take happy pills that do them obvious harm, and are increasingly correlated with inexplicable suicide and worse.

Legions of healthy children are drugged into numbness because they fidget during boring lessons, and countless people are persuaded that they or their children suffer from a supposed disease called 'dyslexia', even though there is no evidence at all that it exists. ...continue reading »

Dyslexia? A Fantasy To Excuse The Liberal Wreckers

by Peter Hitchens

DONNING my stab proof vest and my anti-slime suit, I'd like to praise Professor Julian Elliott of Durham University for daring to state the truth.

Dyslexia is a fantasy.

This is especially important in the exam season.

A bewildering number of students claim extra time, demand differently coloured question papers or are issued with equipment worth up to £10,000 – at our expense – on the grounds that they are sufferers from this fictional complaint.

Those who take their exams without these things are, with reason, growing more and more resentful about this special treatment.

Like its equally suspect cousin 'ADHD', dyslexia is a symptom of a society in trouble and an education system wrecked by liberals. ...continue reading »

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