2 Classic Non Fiction Rare Books

Here are 2 classic works in the non fiction genre which all up-and-coming wanna-be entrepreneurs should read ... twice over at least.


Think & Grow Rich (1937) by Napoleon Hill
     “In every chapter of this book, mention has been made of the money-making secret which has made fortunes for hundreds of exceedingly wealthy men whom I have carefully analyzed over a long period of years.
     The secret was brought to my attention by Andrew Carnegie, more than half a century ago. the canny, lovable old Scotsman carelessly tossed it into my mind, when I was but a boy. Then he sat back in his chair, with a merry twinkle in his eyes, and watched carefully to see if I had brains enough to understand the full significance of what he had said to me.
     When he saw that I had grasped the idea, he asked if I would be willing to spend twenty years or more preparing myself to take it to the world, to men and women who, without the secret, might go through life as failures. I said I would, and with Mr. Carnegie's cooperation, I have kept my promise.
” -Napoleon Hill, 1928
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How To Win Friends And Influence People (1936) by Dale Carnegie
     Dale Carnegie’s crowning achievement in his writing career was when Simon & Schuster published his sixth collection of his writings, How To Win Friends And Influence People. The book was a bestseller from its debut in 1936, and in its 17th printing within only a few months. By the time of his death, the book had sold five million copies in 31 languages, and there had been 450,000 graduates of his Dale Carnegie Institute. It has been stated in the book that Dale Carnegie had critiqued over 150,000 speeches, in his participation in the adult education movement of the time.
How To Win Friends And Influence People remains popular today in business, and business communication skills. Dale Carnegie's four-part book contains advice on how to create success in business and personal lives. How To Win Friends And Influence People is a tool used in Dale Carnegie Training and includes the following parts:
  • Part One: Fundamental Techniques In Handling People
  • Part Two: Six Ways To Make People Like You
  • Part Three: How To Win People To Your Way Of Thinking
  • Part Four: Be A Leader - How To Change People Without Giving Offense Or Arousing Resentment
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3 Lies You Tell Yourself That Are Hijacking Your Success by Eric Taller


Sometimes the only things standing between you and success are a few lies.

In fact, it's the lies we tell ourselves that most often keep us from our dreams. Maybe we're afraid of success, maybe we don't think we deserve it, or maybe we don't think it's possible. Whatever the reason, if you get rid of the lies, pretty soon you'll watch your dreams turn into your reality.

Here are unquestionably the 3 worst lies you tell yourself that are hijacking your success:

1.   "I don't know where to start."

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: nobody "knows" where to start. Steve Jobs didn't have anybody telling him exactly which step to take first. Donald Trump didn't drag his feet because he didn't know which property to buy first.

Successful people stop telling themselves they don't know where to start, and they make a decision. Have you ever heard "perfect is the enemy of good?" This is exactly what that's talking about. If you wait until you have the perfect plan, you'll miss hundreds of good plans that could have got you what you wanted.

If you want to see your dreams made real, you've got to stop telling yourself you don't know where to start.

2.   "I don't have any money."

Listen up: you don't need money to become a millionaire. You don't even need to be brilliant. Look at Richard Branson. He started Virgin Records as teenager, when he was flat broke. He's now worth $4.9 billion. And here's the kicker: he has dyslexia.

If a dyslexic teenager with no money can become a billionaire, then you can stop telling yourself that being broke is an excuse.

And faster than you ever thought possible, you won't have to think twice about your expenses - you'll have enough money to live the high life.

3.   "I can't do this on my own."

Sometimes you hear about great mentors who change people's lives, and then you look around and wonder where your mentor is. The sad fact is, not everyone finds one. But here's the good news: people reach their dreams without mentors every day. Think about it: Whatever your goal, the very first person to reach that goal didn't have a mentor. So you know it's possible.

Here's how to do it on your own:

Make Steve Jobs your mentor. Make Richard Branson your mentor. Hell, make Albert Einstein your mentor.

If you can figure out what they did to be successful, you'll see your deepest desires come true faster than you thought possible.

Actually, success experts have recently uncovered some uncanny similarities in what makes people like Steve Jobs successful...

It turns out, most millionaires, successful artists, and people living their dreams have one thing in common...

...and it's not "hard work."

They share a little-known secret about the brain.

If you're interested, check out this free presentation to see how you can use their secret to make your own dreams become reality.

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One Million Ways To Get A Headache – And How To Heal Them All by Christian Goodman


Nowadays, there are plenty of ways, a million in fact, to get a headache. You can get a headache when you hit your head on something, when you forget your caffeine intake, when you eat ice cream too fast, when you get too stressed, too tired, or when you get sick.

In the United States alone, about one in every six people suffer from Chronic headaches and migraines. They suffer infrequently, but regularly. When this happens, it’s hard for the rest of the body to do any kind of work when the head is suffering from great pain. Studies have shown that about $50 Billion is lost every year due to workers not being able to work because of chronic headaches.

Where does all that money go? Into the medical industry, I imagine.

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies these days make fortunes off sales of headache and migraine medications, treatments, and therapies. The problem is that while these treatments may be effective in providing temporary relief from the symptoms, they do nothing to address the underlying cause of headaches and migraines.

Which is none other than oxygen deprivation. But don’t count on the pros to tell you that.

Our body is composed of cells, and every single cell needs oxygen to function properly. Lack of oxygen in the cells in the head will make the veins inflamed and brush against the nerves of the brain, and this is what causes chronic headaches and migraines.

It gets worse since most of us don’t breathe properly and have bad posture. All these things prevent us from getting the right amount of oxygen and causes us to have chronic headaches and migraines.

If only the medical industry admitted and addressed this underlying cause, the American Economy will not be losing so much money and manpower.

And as usual, it’s Christian Goodman to the rescue!

My Migraine and Headache Relief Program bypasses the symptoms of migraines and headaches and addresses the problem at the very source. The program will show you, through some very simple exercises and practices, how to increase oxygen intake and restore the body’s natural balance.

Aside from curing yourself of headache and migraine, you will also be in much better shape than ever before. You’ll be surprised at how much you have been missing before.

Wouldn’t you like to see just how much?

Christian Goodman is a popular health researcher and an author of several ground breaking natural health alternatives methods. One of his resent innovation is his natural migraine and headache program . You can learn more about Christian on his blog.